"Climbing Higher And Higher" (W Herbert Brewster/Public Domain)

  • Cathedral Quartet (1990 Climbing Higher And Higher; 1993 Some Of Their Finest Moments; 1996 The Cathedral Collection; 1999 A Farewell Celebration; 1999 Anthology: A 35 Year Musical Journey; 1999 Through The Years: 20 All-Time Favorites; 2000 Signature Songs Volume 1; 2000 Super Hits; 2001 Live: Coast To Coast; ; 2001 The Cathedrals)
  • Ernie Haase And Signature Sound (2008 Influenced: A Vintage Quartet Session; 2012 California Live - Volume One; 2014 Oh, What A Savior)
  • Gaither Homecoming Series (1998 All Day Singing at the Dome)
  • Glen Payne (2000 Out Front)
  • Kingsmen Quartet (1991 The Years Biggest Hits)
  • Liberty Quartet (1998 Song Of Liberty)
  • Masters V (1982 O What a Savior; 1998 The Original Masters Five Live)
  • N Harmony (2000 Tribute, A Collection Of Favorites)
  • Statesmen (1958 The Bible Told Me So; 1992 The Bible Told Me So)
  • Triumphant Quartet (2003 4 Guys And A Piano Player, Volume 2; 2003 4 Guys And A Piano Player Volumes One And Two)
  • Weatherfords (1962 At The Cathedral Of Tomorrow)
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