Group Members

Rosie Rozell (1949-1955; 1955-1958; 198?)

Norris Wing (1949-1953)
Ralph Dailey (1954)
Fred Smith (1955-195?)
Ronnie Spann (198?) (also played piano)

Charlie Hutton (1949-1954)
Claude Riggs (1954; 1955-195?; 198?)
Dale McCoy (195?)

Jack Smith (1949-1953; 1954)
Warren Holmes (1954)
Charles Jeffers (1955-195?)
Fulton Nash (198?)

Joe Wing (1949-1953)
Bill Hedrick (195?-1954)
Newman Miller (1954)
Larry Taylor (1955)
Henry Slaughter (1957)
Joe Roper (195?)
Ronnie Spann (198?) (also sang lead)

The Tulsa Trumpeteers (1949-1958, 198?)


The Tulsa Trumpeteers began around 1949. Early members were future Statesmen Quartet member Roland Rosie Rozell (tenor), Norris Wing (lead), Charlie Hutton (baritone), Jack Smith (bass) and "Little Joe" Wing (piano). Jack Smith had previously sung with the Hartford Quartet in Ada, Oklahoma, and he was the original bass for the All American Quartet in 1946.

The Wing brothers and Jack Smith were gone by the end of 1953. Bill Hedrick became the pianist and Warren Holmes joined the Trumpeteers to sing bass. By mid-1954, Warren Holmes, Charlie Hutton, and Bill Hedrick had joined Bill and Monty Matthews (formerly of the Jordanaires) in the Foggy River Boys in Springfield, Missouri.

Pianist Newman Miller and baritone Claude Riggs joined the Trumpeteers while Jack Smith returned to sing bass. This arrangement did not last for long. By late 1954 they disbanded. By the beginning of 1955, Rosie Rozell had joined his former Trumpeteers members in the Foggy River Boys.

After a few months, Rozell returned to Tulsa and restarted the Trumpeteers. Former Melody Boys members Fred Smith and Charles Jeffers came to sing lead and bass. Claude Riggs returned to the baritone slot.

Former Stamps-Ozark and future Weatherfords and Imperials pianist, Henry Slaughter, played for the Tuumpeteers for a short time. Smilin' Joe Roper also played for the Trumpeteers for a brief period.

The Trumpeteers continued to operate until 1958. Around the first of 1959, Rosie Rozell joined the Statesmen Quartet.

After having sung with the Statesmen, his group Rosie Rozell and the Searchers and the Masters V, Rozell returned to Tulsa in the mid-1980s and reformed the Trumpeteers. The members were Rozell (tenor), Ronnie Spann (lead/pianist), Claude Riggs (baritone) and long-time Weatherford's bass, Fulton Nash. That group only operated for a short time.

The Tulsa Trumpeteers appeared on KFMJ radio and KVOO-TV in Tulsa.

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